Two-Handed Tapping: Advanced Playing Method on Guitar

  • Learning how to tap for HOs and POs (Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs) is one thing, but mastering the craft is an entirely more challenging feat. This is because of two-handed tapping, the advanced method is there. As its name suggests, you must abandon the strum bar to do it, as you’ll be using both your hands on the frets. Sound impossible? It isn’t, and there are a couple ways it can be done.
  • Your main fretting hand will have its most useful fingers—most likely your pointer and middle—on green and red, while your strum hand will cover the last three. If that’s not functioning for you, try three fingers from the fret hand and two from the strummer. Play with the buttons a bit, fretting from low to high and in reverse sequences, and then mix it up a bit. Practice until this comes clearly, and then you’ll be ready to move on to strumming it.
  • Now that your fingers are firmly in position, try pushing your elbow against the strum bar. It depends on the length of your arm and your flexibility, this might not work for you. If it does, it’ll help you remain coordinated after you strum the first note and tap away at the rest. If that’s too uncomfortable, you’ll need to start HOPOs by hitting the strum bar quickly and then immediately moving that hand back up to the frets. The latter strumming style might sound easier, but truthfully, it usually isn’t.

  • Quickly moving your hand from the strum to the frets requires lightning-quick reflexes and plenty of practice. There can be some exceptions to this, such as in a song where the beginning of the HOPO relies on the green, red and yellow frets predominantly, thus giving your time to get your other hand up there without losing the tapping streak. Eitherway,mastering this play style will carry you through every song in Expert Mode.
  • With that, we’ve concluded the natural way to rule massive HOPOs, so we’ll get into the other method, which is exclusive to Rock Band.It involves those thin fret buttons at the bottom of the guitar’s neck. Aside from huge finishes, you can use these for HOsPOs. You’ll strum the first note and then bring that hand upward to those thinner fret buttons while leaving the other at the top. Alternatively, you may slide your fret hand down to meet it and wail away at the minor buttons instead. Any combination will work, as all ten frets will respond so long
    as you’ve strummed the first note.
  • By now, you may possibly comprehend the comparative ease of the Rock Band tapping style. It doesn’t necessitate using your elbow nor moving your hand all the way across the guitar, but it still needs coordination and practice. It’s going to take the time to learn the method, and you shouldn’t burn yourself out by grinding away at it again and again. Practice it over time, preferably by yourself rather than with band mates.

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